in the quiet


..therefore lift up your prayer for the remnant that is left.

Isaiah 34:4

It’s amazing how certain verses jump out at you. No matter how short or how long, it just grabs you. And you know that He is talking to you. It might mean something completely different for another person depending on what they’re going through. But He talks to you. And it’s amazing and fulfilling.

This morning was out of the ordinary for me. It was quiet. My son is at my in-laws for the weekend (thank you, in-laws!) so I got to wake up to…quiet. I think parents appreciate the quiet maybe a tad more than those without kids. It’s a luxury for us. But it’s not just the lack of silence that is a beautiful thing, it’s the lack of responsibility. The fact that I didn’t have to wake up this morning thinking about what to make for meals, what to do to entertain him, and how to fit house chores in between preparing meals and entertaining him, makes me feel so…free.

I got to wake up this morning to the birds chirping, not to my son whispering in my ear that he’s hungry. I got to take my time getting ready…alright you got me, I’m still in my pjs. I got to make coffee and my favorite breakfast (fried eggs + sautéed spinach + tapatio) without the Saturday morning cartoons in the background. I got to sit on the deck, enjoy the sun, the coffee and the breakfast.

But most importantly I got to start the day by reading His word. I love starting the day by tuning into God.  And I sent up my prayer.

Father, help me to walk in your spirit today; in kindness, in patience, in gentleness, in self-control, and in love.  Amen.

This is my everyday prayer. It’s my morning prayer. But most importantly it’s my emergency prayer when I’m feeling anxious, out of control, or just plain tired.

I sometimes feel guilty for saying the same prayer over and over again. Is God saying, “Okay, Sarah, I heard that prayer. Now say something else.”  But sometimes I’m just so tired I just don’t have to right words to say or I’m not in the right mindset to pray. Through this verse, I realized that when it comes to prayer, there are no right or wrong words. There is no right mindset. And you can repeat the same prayer. He just wants you to talk to Him, as you are. And He will listen, in the quiet.