farm field trip

farm field trip for kids

Have I mentioned that I love living in Sonoma county? Oh, I did? Oh well, let me say it one more time. I LOVE living in Sonoma county. I’m so happy that my son can grow up in such beautiful surroundings and experience everything it has to offer.

Last week, we got to take a field trip with his school buddies to a dairy/pumpkin patch farm. He (and me, as well) got to experience a working organic dairy farm. Was it not only educational but really cool! McClelland’s Dairy Farm is located in beautiful Petaluma, Ca. They have over 900 cows which they milk twice a day! We got to see a “milking session” where Marge, the cow, produced over 4 gallons of milk…in just ONE pumping session. It was amazing. We also got to see and pet calves that are only a couple of weeks old. Needless to say, they were sweet and precious, and the kids (and grown-ups) loved them.

We got to end the day with picking our own pumpkins off the vine and running through the hay maze…many many times. It was perfect for the kids. If you get the chance, definitely stop by for a visit.

Oh, they sell their milk to Organic Valley. It’s nice to know where your food comes from. In this case, your milk.


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