Favor Kits on Etsy

As I keep working on building my Etsy Shop, I’ve been pretty much ignoring everything else in my life. For instance, I can’t remember what I fed my son for dinner tonight…or last night, and definitely not the night before. But I know he ate…something…and he’s still alive so I’m hoping I’m not the world’s worst mom, yet. And I don’t know which has higher elevation, Mt. McKinley or Mt. McLaundry which is staring at my face as I type. I’m hoping it’ll go away if I keep ignoring it.

But I did managed to add few more things to the shop, and also had my first sale (woohoo!). It’s definitely a lot of work but I’m really loving every minute of it. This week, I listed a few new favor/gift kits.

I really want to write a little more but my brain checked out about 12 minutes ago and I think Mt. McLaundry is actually tapping on my shoulder. (And I have to catch up on my new fav show Scandal!)


party favor kit IMG_1828 IMG_1991 IMG_1868party favor IMG_1951 IMG_1927 IMG_1960 party favors