Hostess Gift

bread packagingI love get-togethers. I prefer it over going out to a restaurant or any outside meeting places. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to go out once in awhile but it’s so much more convenient and comfortable to have it at a home. The kids can run around and the adults can enjoy each others company without worrying about where our kids are.

I usually like to bring something special when going to a gathering. It’s usually baked goods such as cookies or breads. Something small and simple but hopefully appreciated. And ideally, something they can have for breakfast the next morning when they are probably exhausted from hosting the night before 🙂 For Thanksgiving, we went to my in-laws for dinner. I decided to go with persimmon bread since it’s become one of my new favorites, and I have persimmon puree coming out of my ears thanks to my generous neighbor.

I created simple tags for labels and wrapped them up in waxed kraft paper, another new favorite item of mine. It would also make great gifts for the holiday season.

Persimmon Breading Wrapping:

-Waxed kraft paper

Kraft labels

-assorted twine

IMG_2579 hostess giftbread packaging, food packagingpersimmon bread