Christmas 2013 Teachers’ Gifts

IMG_3194I have hit a wall lately, creatively. I’ve been in a jam for about three weeks. No new ideas. No inspiration. No creative juice. Not. A. Drop. This drought is even hitting my meal time. I can’t even think of what to cook! Argh!

It’s especially frustrating when this is the time of the year when I should and need to be most creative. I usually have a great baking session making all different types of festive cookies. But you wanna know what I made this year? Oatmeal cookies. (Pausing for sad sound effect). Now talk about festive. I’m sending out an early apology to my cookie recipients this year. But, hey, they are gooooood oatmeal cookies.

As Christmas is coming around, it also means teachers’ gifts. I love my son’s teachers. They are so wonderful with him and I’m going to miss them terribly next year. With fierce determination, I set out to make something that’s a tad more special than oatmeal cookies (another pause for another sad sound effect). I found this recipe that I think is really good and is simple to make. It’s from one of my favorite websites the Kitchn. It’s also an easy recipe to double up on without creating a lot of extra work. This recipe is a keeper for sure.

I went simple with the packaging.

A white box.

A label.

A note.

And a brad.

Not Brad Pitt.

Just a brad.

Because I can never call Brad Pitt, just a brad.IMG_3000 IMG_3019IMG_3145IMG_3078 IMG_3143IMG_3154

IMG_3235 IMG_3221 IMG_3167