Ninja Birthday Party


Today was my son’s 5th birthday party. His actual birthday was a couple of weeks ago but I never manage to have his party on his actual birthday. This mama is just getting over the holidays, and needs a break.

My little guy wanted a ninja birthday party. He actually wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party. I talked him out of it. Then he wanted a Ninjago party. I talked him out of that, too. Why, you ask? I don’t like commercialism. There. I said it. I find it annoying. It annoys me that some little picture on a cereal box or a toy box can start that unending whining or better yet, a meltdown.

“I want that.”

“I want that now.”

“I’m so mad at you for not getting me that.”


Don’t get me wrong. He has PLENTY of mainstream toys. And these are the toys that gets played with for 5 minutes and gets thrown into “that” pile.  Most parents know “that” pile. “That” pile which takes up space, space, SPACE! On the other hand, he will play with dirt and bugs for hours. Of those two choices, I choose dirt and bugs. Every time. It’s educational and fun. Not to mention, it’s free 🙂

So no TMNT or Ninjago here. It’s ninja. Just ninja. And I think it’s cuter and cooler. But most importantly, my little guy loved it….no, actually I’m lying. He didn’t really care.

When I excitedly showed him all the things I made for his party, and his reaction was, “Yeah, mom, I know. I already saw them sitting at your desk.”  He already sounds like an ungrateful teenager! Argh.

Maybe he’ll care more next year…or the year after. Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking that he would care that he has his own water label for his birthday.

I won’t hold my breath. I’m going to keep making them because of my love for design and because of my love for him. Ungrateful or not.

Happy Birthday, my little ninja!

ninja birthday party ninja juice box IMG_4096ninja water bottle IMG_4076IMG_4019IMG_4130 IMG_4120 IMG_4107kid's birthday snack IMG_3905ninja party favor IMG_4149IMG_4216 ninja party birthday cake