Fabric Gift Wrapping Tutorial #1

I love shopping for little girl’s clothes. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a little girl. Maybe it’s because boy clothes are so boring. Sorry, but they really are. I mean, the only real variation in boys clothes are by colors. And the color choices are usually blue, grey, black, and maybe some pops of color depending on the season.

I let my son pick out his own clothes, most of the time, and most of the time, he looks like he picked out his clothes blind-folded. It used to drive me crazy that he looks like he has a mother who doesn’t care at all (and I do, really!). But I learned to let it go. Like I learned to let go what a clean orderly house looks like. I learned that him being an individual is more important than having a matching outfit on. But I won’t lie. I sometimes look at what he’s wearing when he comes downstairs and all I can say is, “Really?”.

I may be the only one with xx chromosome in my household, but I’m blessed with having four nieces. That’s right. My son is the only boy in the family. This is going to be so much fun to watch: 1 boy vs. 4 girls. He better learn to defend himself. Ha!

I get to have my “little girl clothes fix” during their birthdays. It was my niece’s second birthday not long ago (And I have yet to send her the gift. It’s on the way, Ms.Gia!). And I found these adorable wears at Old Navy:

IMG_5279I want this shirt in my size!

old navy kids clothes IMG_5296I want these socks in my size, too!

I wanted to wrap them up in a fun way. Instead of going with the traditional gift wrapping paper, I opted for fabric.


I used felt, washi tape, and a birthday candle.

fabric gift wrapping IMG_5373 IMG_5355