Memorial Day 2014 (Goat Rock Beach, Jenner, California)


Before I start my post, I want to thank the men and women of our military for their bravery so that my son and I can have days like these. Thank you for your service. May God always protect you.

goat rock beach

 I’m learning to count my blessings not just everyday but in every situation. Sometimes it’s easy to see the blessings, and sometimes I really have to break it down and dissect a situation to see it. It takes practice. But I know it will get easier as I consciously choose to see the right things, experience the blessings, and mature through every situation, no matter how big or small.

This Memorial Day, it was an easy day to see the blessings. My son and I decided to escape the heat and go out to the beach. Even though, we only live 45 minutes from the coast, we rarely make it out there. As summer rolls around, I’m definitely going to make an effort to make more trips to the coast. As we drove through the vineyards to get to the beach, I was reminded how blessed I am to live in such an amazingly beautiful place. Of all the places in the world, God placed me here. My heart was full of thanksgiving as we made it out to the coast.

That scent of the ocean even before you get a glimpse of the water, and as you drive around the bend and the view of the vast ocean comes into sight…that feeling, that feeling is too great for words. I felt God’s grace wash over me and felt overwhelmed with joy. How this was all created for no other purpose than for us to enjoy, our God is truly good.

My son Ben, got to experience a couple of firsts. First time flying a kite, first time losing a kite, and first time tasting clam chowder. He also found his love for photography(!)  He was eager to take his own pictures with my camera (yikes!) so very cautiously I lent him my camera. He took some great pictures which I will be posting on my next post.

goatrock1 goatrock2 goatrock3

Flying a kite for the first time.goatrock4 goatrock5Losing a kite for the first time.

The wind was exceptionally strong that day. Even for me. But not to worry! One of the sweet teenagers at the beach chased it down for us 🙂
goatrock7Goat Rock Beach.


Goat Rock Beach.

goatrock11Excited for his first clam chowder.goatrock12Savoring and appreciating.