Goat Rock Beach (Part 2)


A few posts ago, I wrote about our trip to Goat Rock Beach in Jenner, California. I briefly mentioned how Ben, my 5 year-old son (above), hijacked my camera and began to take pictures of his own. I wanted to post his photos today of our trip.

I love this because it’s the closest I’ll ever get to see the world from his view. I’m definitely going to let him hijack my camera more frequently (with my careful supervision, ha!). I think all kids should take more pictures. It’s fascinating to see the world from their eyes. And I definitely give him a thumbs up for his beautiful photos!

This is the view from Ben’s world.

IMG_7695 IMG_7713 IMG_7719 IMG_7740 IMG_7802 IMG_7821 IMG_7824 IMG_7829 IMG_7835 IMG_7845 IMG_7858